Department of Management and Development of Cultural Resources and Collections together with Department of Organization of Scientific-Methodological Work and Exhibition which are departments of «Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum Reservation» organized an exhibition.

The exhibition opened at primary school #171 and was entitled «Longevity memory. Akhtamar Holy Cross Temple». A week-long exhibition ended with an intellectual quiz entitled «Let’s recognize our cultural heritage». The project was aimed to popularize the cultural heritage among students.

«Etchmiadzin», «Noravank» and «Tatev» teams (7th grade students) competed on their knowledge about the monuments. The event was held with the active participation of the teams in a hot atmosphere. During the breaks the students performed recitals.

The competition was attended by students, teachers and employees of NCSO. The winner was the «Etchmiadzin» team the members of which were awarded with diploma, while the other two teams with encouraging certificates.

At the end of the competition the principal of the school A. Safaryan made a speech in which he emphasized the role of cultural development among students and thanked the employees of “Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum Reservation», NCSO for such an interesting and educational event.

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