Events dedicated to the International Day of Monuments and Sites, with the participation of students in public schools and serving military is tradition. Cooperation was laid many years ago within the framework of the tripartite agreement “Army-education-culture”. ” Protection service” NCSO`s Yerevan regional service sanitation and beautification works are conducted with cadets of military educational institutions in the territories. In particular, has been cleared “Yerablur” ” Sebastatsiner died in Great Patriotic War, “, “Freedom fighters”, “Mother Armenia”, “Monte “,” Tork Angegh “,” Sasuntsi David “,” Vardan Mamikonyan “,” To fighters of Ajapnyak died in Arstakh war, “areas of the monuments dedicated to the” victims of genocide “.

Manuk Abeghyan No. 1school, Daniel Varuzhan`s main and Levon Shant`s major, No. 27, school number 93 and 59 main schools, named after D. Demirchyan students performed the cleansing and beautification in the areas of “Victory”, “Monte”, ” Davtashentsiner who died in Second World War”,” the 40th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war “,” Yeghishe Charents “in the territories.

Measures also benefited scouts. Its members participated in the ring cleaning of monuments in the park areas, then read the writer`s poems.

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