Conversation-meeting was held at “Metsamor” historical-archaeological museum titled “Yevgeny Bayburdyan and Shengavit culture” which was chaired by the Head of the Archaeology Department of Archaeology and Ethnography Institute of National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences Ruben Badalyan. The meeting was held in the framework of “Metsamor Readings” educational program, which aims not only to scientific advances in the field of archaeology, but also represent the activities and achievements of archaeologists and other experts to young archaeologists.

The meeting was attended by the “Protection Service” NCSO`s director Ara Tarverdyan, deputy director on scientific affairs Karen Pahlevanyan, Deputy director of funds Lianna Gevorgyan, the organization’s staff and students.

Before the conversation-meeting, director and deputy directors toured in “Metsamor” historical museum. Branch Manager A. Zakaryan presented the permanent exhibition 50-years old -Araxes -Shengavit culture, the archaeological material that was found during excavations in last years, reflecting the specificity of archaeological and historical significance.

Then, Doctor of Historical Sciences Ruben Badalyan, by spectral display, presented by the archaeologist, orientalist, Caucasian, scientist Yevgeny Bayburdyan`s productive activities. According to Badalyan, Baiburdian really was the first who completed over the years accumulated huge and unpublished archaeological material, from colourful pottery of Neolithic period.

Kura-Arakez or as subsequently named Shengavit culture is inseparable from the work of the scientist. Unfortunately, little is known for publicly about his archaeological studies and the information so far almost nothing in 1930 compared role in studying the culture of Shengavit. Badalyan noted with regret that Bayburdyan`s works were much more than they were published.

In 1939 with the head of Boris Piotrovsky and Igor Diakonov l participated in the excavations of “Karmir Blur”. Then subjected to persecution and was was arrested soon, then was executed.

Ruben Badalyan concluded the conversation-meeting by presenting invaluable study about Kura-Araxes or Shengavit culture in the past 80 years.
Then attended people asked questions to Ruben Badalyan that are related not only to Shengavit culture activities, but also the various manifestations of the culture of Shengavit.

In the end, the audience watched the documentary film “Metsamor”.