A pleasant surprise was waiting for the visitors of “Garni” cultural-museum-reserve. The pupils of “Mush” music studio performed in “Garni”.

A cultural, beautiful atmosphere guided in the territory of the monument for the foreigners and inhabitants who had come to see the temple. The pupils of the 20-year-old studio performed “Armenia”, “Ararat”, “Erevan”, “Shirkhani”, “Armenian army”, “My brother and me”, “New dance” and other songs.

Even the hot weather did not disturb the little singers and the visitors of the monument. The event had provided with such warm and impressive atmosphere that even the foreign visitors had become part of it, dancing to the sounds of Armenian music.

In the words of Artur Simonyan, the head of the studio, it was the first time they were performing in the monument and he was impressed by the results. He mentioned that it is not excluded that this kind of events will be organized in the territories of other monuments as well.

And the little performers were impressed not only by the warm atmosphere but by the beauty of our cultural heritage. Most of them were in “Garni’ historical-cultural museum for the first time but they were very well informed about the pagan temple. They had even managed to have an excursion in the territory of the temple, getting the answers of the questions that interested them the most.