Armenian-Polish expedition started the excavations from September 1, in the city territory of the site and already interesting facts have been recorded. The expedition group continued studying the opened rooms, new ones have also been opened, burials, human skeletons, metal objects have been discovered, which date back to 8-6 centuries BC. In the words of Armenian-Polish expedition’s head, doctor, director of Warsaw’s archaeological institute’s director Krzysztof Yakubiak this fact is evidenced by the results of the C 14 radioactivity research conducted in Europe last year.

Archaeologists study the change of the site from late Bronze to the Achaemenian era. Yakubiak mentioned that Metsamor is of great importance for the residents of Araratian field.

“Metsamor used to be a city during early Iron age and was destroyed by Uratians, now burials are opened, and fact of destructions are recorded. They enrich our imagination about Argishti I and the influence of later period Urartians on Metsamor”, added Yakubiak.

Now antiquated materials are researched, and the organic materials found which can precisely date cultural layers, and are planned to be sent abroad for laboratory testing.

This year 25 archaeologists are involved in the expedition group, among whom are students from the University of Wroclaw, University of Liverpool, Ph.D. Double Master of Nansen University and some others.

Professor Yakubiak took part in the archaeological works in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Iraq. As for him, our country has got its’ peculiarity in this sense.

“Armenia is a country bearing Christian-European values and it is quite easy to work here. Armenian colleagues have got enough experience and knowledge. They are sincere”, mentioned Yakubiak.

By the way, the head of the expedition has come to Armenia with his 6-year old daughter Maria. In the words of the professor the little girl has got “experience” in the sphere of archaeology, and it is not the first time she has taken part in excavations with her father. Besides the excavating territory she has also managed to visit some other interesting places.