Jolt Vagner secretary-scientist, archaeologist of Hungary’s archaeological institute after Peter Pazman is in Yerevan for reading lectures in the University after Khachatur Abovyan. Hungarian lecturer was in “Protection service” NCSO for outlining new borders of cooperation. Vagner and NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan discussed the possible ways of further cooperation. Introducing the activity of the Catholic university, Vagner mentioned that the university functions under the sponsorship of Vatican, is financed by Hungary and added that last year a chair of Armenology was opened there. He discussed the carried out works in the field of the monument restorations, presenting 3D format studies.

The center founded by archbishop Peter Pazman was of great educational and religious significance in 1635. It has broadened its activity now by cooperating with more than 20 scientific institutions in different countries of the world. Because of continuous wars the relations with Syrian colleagues became more passive. Vagner talked about the professionals from abroad arrived in Hungary for broad scientific opportunities and exchange of experience.

“We have a number of educational projects for studying the methodology of archaeology and the possibilities of practical activity. We actively cooperate with Hungarian museums. We are a young team and are free in our work”, mentioned Vagner adding that students arrived from Syria, Egypt and Lebanon also study in Hungary.

In Ara Tarverdyan’s words Armenia is a museum in open air and we have an outrageous territory for archaeological researches and Hungarian colleagues have great scientific opportunities. In NCSO’s director’s opinion this cooperation can make valuable discoveries for the archaeologists around the world.

“We are ready for cooperation. The fact that the institute of archaeology is under the sponsorship of Vatican is very inspiring. Our cooperation will be at everyone’s visual field. I think that scientific, cultural subtle and correct link will milden the frozen political relations. I want to express my gratitude for your scientific opportunity and would like to cooperate in that field”, added Tarverdyan.

Talking about the excavations carried out in “Odzaberd” site by “Protection service” NCSO Vagner suggested publishing a scientific analysis dedicated to that works. According to him they are inclined to research the territory by 3D format and scan the latter further.

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