“Power begets the right” (Garegin Njdeh)

In the center of Stepanakert, in Vazgen Sargsyan 25 address is located “The remembrance museum of fallen freedom fighters” which was founded in 2002 by the “Union of relatives of fallen freedom fighters’” public organization and by the direct initiative of Galya Arustamyan. His sons participated in Artsakhian heroic battle in the 1990’s. The youngest son Grigor sacrificed his life on November 19, 1992 during the battles. After the death of her son together with other women who lost their sons she gathered and united the photos, archive materials and documents of fallen freedom fighters.

On the walls of the museum’s three halls photos of 3355 heroes are hung, private belongings, letters sent to relatives from the battle field, medals , weapons, a piece of airplane, musical instruments, uniforms on which the bullets of the enemy have been remained, war photos, three cannons, one “Grad” launcher, telephone, documents with holes of bullets, fighting maps are saved.

Each sample in the museum has its sad story, the most exciting of which is the wedding clothes of newlyweds as a manifestation of respect towards all the heroes who did not manage to create a family. Their living stares looking at the visitors from the photos seem to prompt that they won not only in the war but also the death and became immortal.

The photo of the 12-year-old Hrayr is also hung in the museum. He fell victim on the way of taking bullets to the soldiers. Hrayr’s father and brother also fell during the battle.

By the initiative of Galya Arustamyan a book of 900 pages about the 7000 fallen heroes was published. The unexpected death of Mrs. Galya shocked everyone but the doors of the museum did not close even for a day. Her work is continued today by her son Artur Arustamyan.

The director of the museum tells the visitors about the heroic exploits of the freedom fighters. The visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Artsakhian heroic battle through audio guides as well (in five languages).

The museum has many visitors. The number of foreigners who took notes in the register of memories is very impressive (from 40 countries). They leave the museum taking with them books published in foreign languages about Artsakhian heroic battle.




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