2019-05-16T15:51:36+00:00 March 13th, 2019|Recent News|

Second year students of Armenian state pedagogical university after Khachatur Abovyan were hosted in “Protection service” NCSO. Welcoming the students deputy director Karen Pahlevanyan introduced the structure and activity of the organization, discussed the work of regional services, reservations and museum-reserves. He mentioned about the events inclined to the popularization of more than 19 000 monuments, its protection and problems.

Welcoming the curiosity of future historians towards the sphere of monuments protection Karen Pahlevanyan mentioned that NCSO’s doors are open and the organization will be glad to complete its staff with the graduates of the university.

Deputy director of NCSO also talked about the development of infrastructures in reservations and museum-reserves and implementation of excavations in monument territories. Students were particularly interested in the excavations in “Metsamor” site.

The head of Armenian-Polish expedition group NCSO’s scientist secretary Ashot Piliposyan and K. Pahlevanyan promised to organize the participation of students in the excavations.

Future historians together with deputy director Liana Gevorgyan, secretary scientist Ashot Piliposyan accompanied by anthropologist Hasmik Simonyan made a tour in NCSO’s personal, archaeological, measurement funds got familiar with documental materials, projects done by the hands of famous architects.

In the nearest future the students will visit “Garni” historical-cultural museum-reserve. They have already visited “Zvartnots” historical-cultural and “Metsamor” historical-archaeological museum-reserves.