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As a result of the investigations held by the Armenian office of “D-V-V” international organization, development programs in the spheres of tourism and culture will be held in the republic’s Gegharkunik, Shirak and Kotayq regions. “D-V-V” international has applied for the European union for financing. It is planned to implement a number of media projects in a number of museums in the cultural sphere. The director of the organization’s partner “Association of museum employees and friends”, coordinator of “Center of museum education” Hayk Mkrtchyan, Manager of “Media projects center” Arshaluys Muradyan and “Lratun” project’s head Vahram Martirosyan were in “Protection service” NCSO.

From the organization’s branches “Garni” historical-cultural museum-reserve was selected for implementing a multimedia project. Particularly by the suggestion of NCSO’s directorate the less known to visitors monuments will be included in the program. They will be presented to tourists with a unique approach with audio and video versions, temporary travelling exhibition will be organized.

“The aim of the initiative is the popularization of monuments consequently the presented material will attract the visitors at once. Unfortunately visitors are less informed about the most beautiful monument of the museum-reserve- the Dragon stone with a Urartian record, the Greek inscription of king Trdat I situated near the reserve’s entrance and St. Sion church near Garni temple. I think those monuments can be included in the multimedia program”, mentioned NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan.

In the words of the director of “Association of museum employees and friends” Hayk Mkrtchyan, the project promises to be impressive. Visitors of “Garni” museum-reserve will have the opportunity to have a tour in the royal bath house accompanied by a multimedia program-see the mosaic, listen to the sounds of water and so on.

The package of offers will be summed up by NCSO’s directorate in January and present it during the three-day workshop planned to be held in “Media initiatives center”. Based on the final results of discussions and consultations with specialists arrived from US the project will be presented to European union for funding.