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“Monument keeper should have good knowledge, know the historical significance of the monument under his protection, reservation zone, and have knowledge about laws. During the work with the heads of communities we face many difficulties quite often and I won’t be mistaken to say that you should know the legislation better than the village elders”, mentioned “Protection service” NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan during the working meeting the employees of Aragatsotn regional service.

“The work should be done with a great responsibility. Very often the heads of communities give a permission of burial in cemeteries because of ignorance. The evidence of it are the offenses minuted in the territory of Sanahin monastic complex and other monument territories. The employee of our regional service should be well aware of law to stay away from this kind of offenses as much as possible”, mentioned NCSO’s director.

“Respect towards our service and cultural heritage”, this is the best approach that we expect from our cooperation with communities”, added NCSO’s deputy director Karen Pahlevanyan.

He is sure that the communities are also responsible for monuments protection and cultural heritage will only win from the cooperation.

It was mentioned during the meeting that the cooperation with Ashtarak’s mayor, and Aparan, Ujan, Katnaghbyur, Dashtadem, Oshakan, Karbi, Hartavan community heads is quite effective.

By the way flyers, brochures and discs concerning legal base are planned to be given to community heads in the nearest future.

NCSO’s directorate also listened to the employees of regional services. They presented the monument territories under their protection, and present problems.

Exact recommendations were given for effective work organization. Some employees were given notices for not implementing their work perfectly.

After briefing the results of working meetings NCSO’s directorate will meet with community heads as well. Meetings like that have already taken place in Shirak and Ararat regions.