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The “Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum-Reservations” NCSO is a nonprofit, educational, scientific-informational organization which has a legal status and implements cultural activities. This organization was founded to implement the exploration, celebration and utilization of immovable monuments, groups of monuments which are cultural values, as well as fully protection of historical – cultural immovable groups of monument, complexes of monuments, natural and historical environments, historical-cultural lands and surrounding landscapes which are considered to be state properties.
According to its object of activity and purposes the organization implements the protection of reserve-museums, historical-cultural immovable monuments and lands which are considered to be state properties, implements the accounting of museum objects and collections, makes its data base, organizes scientific sessions, conferences, scientific seminars, consultations devoted to the problems of protection, utilization and celebration, makes and publishes scientific works, monographs, guidelines, catalogues, popular, scientific-informational preaching materials, organizes permanent, temporary and itinerant displays and exhibitions.
As a business activity, the organization makes souvenirs with monuments’ images on it and sells them, supplies documentary materials related to monuments to juridical and natural persons on a contract basis, organizes exhibitions of the creative masters’ works and implements publication activity.