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Service of Kotayk organized a cognitiv excursion with the participation of Hrazdan N4 and N 13high school`s students of the senior classes. School children, accompanied by the deputy director of Kotayk Regional Service Arthur Kirakosyan and guard of monuments Rafik Yeghiazaryan, , first visited St. Sargis church on the occasion of the feast Patron St. Sarkis Bjni community and Regional (head pointer, 6.19.15), observed characteristics, since the founding of the church to the reconstruction of recent years. Excursion participants were especially interested in the fact that St. Sebastian is one altar, smallest church in Armenia and is particular with it`s shapes.

The next visit was St. Mary Church (State pointer `,built in 1031, where they were introduced to the symbolism and story of feast, then made lighting.

Cognitive tour was ended with a visit to the territory of Castle Bjni (Head of pointer 6.19.1). Pupils were introduced historic- archeological values of the castle. They asked interesting questions about monuments to the Deputy head of provincial service Arthur Kirakosyan.

Participants returned to Hrazdan with great impressions from excursion.
Bjni community at St. Sarkis Church organized event titled “Youth Blessing Day”. The march started from the school yard and ended over St. Sargis Church yard. High school students submitted commemorative miniatures about St.Sargis.

Congratulating present people head of Kotayk`s Regional Service Kamo Hakobyan talked about the symbolism of the feast, then spoke about the problems of preservation of monuments and cultural heritage.