The expedition formed by the command of “Protection service” NCSO’s director, headed by NCSO’s scientist-secretary, doctor of historical sciences, professor Ashot Piliposyan, restarted the expeditions in the territory of “Zorats qarer” monument from August 16.

In deputy director, head of expedition Karen Pahlevanyn’s words, archaeologists implement excavations in different areas of the monument. In order to understand the architectural structure of the wall, one part of it has been excavated. It turned out to be structured on weak basis and probably for protective purposes. The excavations in the territory of the wall will give the opportunity to elucidate the historical significance and particularity of it.

One of the 30 mausoleums in the monument territory has also been excavated, which before being given to the preservation of NCSO, had caught the attention of treasurers, shepherds, hunters.

“At first we thought we couldn’t find interesting materials, but when we started excavating the central part of the mausoleum, we found knives and spear parts. Probably, the person buried there was an important figure of society”.

Archaeologists also found bones of animals, teeth, as well as fangs. Only after laboratory researches shall we be able to have a thorough idea about it. A bracelet of snake head, bronze beads have also been found in these days.

In NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan’s words Polish specialist will also unite to the archaeological expedition soon.