“Metsamor” historical-cultural  museum-reserve was crowded yesterday. Pupils of Mkhitar Sebastaci college and Bulgaria’s Sofia city’s “Zdravec” dance ensemble were invited to Metsamor within the framework of “Curious archaeology” scientific-educational event.

“We transfer interesting knowledge to pupils about the bronze age culture of Armenia, ethno-political relations, excavations and the finds”, mentioned Artavazd Zaqyan the head of “Metsamor” historical-cultural museum-reserve.

For pupils to easily understand the details of the field of archaeology, the head of museum-reserve and “Protection service” NCSO’s anthropologist Hasmik Simonyan introduced the job of archaeologist and detailed what excavating place is, what to do when archaeological layer is opened and whether the excavated skeleton is male or female.

Employees of “Metsamor” museum-reserve had created an artificial excavating site beforehand. Some of the fund materials had been buried there to make the professional work of “archaeologists” more interesting. After getting instructions, pupils also joined to the implementation of archaeological works with special tools. In an interesting atmosphere, pupils opened the layer, finding there skeleton, belt, animal teeth. The excavated objects were placed in special boxes.

“It’s the first time we have taken part in archaeological works. At first we found the arm, then the skull, teeth and spine were opened. We tried to use the knowledge we acquired accurately”, mentioned orientalist Gohar Smbatyan. Her friend Feliqs Eghiazaryan had heard about the excavations on TV. Future architects had the opportunity to implement “excavations” for a few hours. Armine Uranyan from Javakhq was in Metsamor for the first time. She had other impressions about excavations before coming here. “I thought you find and that’s the end. But this is only one part of archaeological work, afterwards extremely much work is to be done. I’ve found animal bones near human skeleton”, added A. Uranyan.

Areg Sayadyan one of the pupils of the college tried to find some of the ornaments that our ancestors used to wear. He was sure that next to the skeleton of the excavated man there was a lance and he was interested whether the man wore ornaments as well. He also tried to reveal which class of society our ancestors belonged to, what used to be buried in pitchers in ancient times. The boy interested in theater, Armenian and international history most of all liked the little pitcher with beautiful ornaments.

Educational program will be continuous, in the nearest future museum-reserve will host pupils from other schools as well.