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The deputy head of NCSO’s Syunik regional service Garik Marutyan and the guards of monuments implemented sanitary cleanings in the territory of Vahanavank monastic complex. The drainage system was cleaned, the unadorned cottage situated inside the refectory and household rubbish were removed from the monument territory, the bushes and trees grown inside the buildings were axed.

As a result of the cooperation between the regional service and Sisian’s museum of history after Nikoghayos Adonts a cognitive excursion entitled “Visit to Goris, dedicated to the political events of 1318-1920” was organized. The deputy head of the regional service Anahit Grigoryan accompanied the students and pupils to those monument territories, which concerned the theme. The participants of the event visited Goris’s St. Grigor Lusavorich church and those residential houses where Zoravar Andranik, Garegin Njdeh lived and worked. They also visited the monument territories dedicated to the immortal Armenians of our national liberation struggle.

As a result of the cooperation with Meghri’s N 1 secondary school deputy head of regional service Naira Hayrapetyan organized a cognitive visit to Meghri’s historical-cultural monument territories. Before the expedition the youth got acquainted with the ethnographic objects displayed in Meghri’s aesthetic center. During the expedition they visited the 19th century Ghab, as the people of Meghri say “spring water”, which was constructed in the 1880s. In St. Astvatsatsin church built in 1673 pupils got acquainted with the frescos, and in Meghri castle’s observation post-towers Naira Hayrapetyan presented the heroic pages of anti-Turkish liberation struggle. The expedition ended in the territory of the church built in 1624.

Expedition participants implemented sanitary cleanings in all monument territories.