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The monument is located in the village of Khors, Vayots Dzor Marz. The village has a cemetry (XII-XIV) with numerous khachkars. The village of Vank is located on the top of Geghasar.The village stands out especially for its bowed church, khachkars and tombstones. The Head of the Department of the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, archaeologist Husyk Melkonyan, speaking about the Armenian princely buildings, said that very few princely houses have been preserved in Armenia and one of them is the gate built by Prince Chesar Orbelian in Hors. “It is very valuable,” writes Sargis Barkhudaryan, “the old residential building preserved in the center of a village which consisted of two parts, – the house itself and a hall before it.”

The house was covered with wooden logs that rested on four stone pillars. Four windows are also preserved, located on both sides of the arched door which are also arched and seem to be two-stage.

The lithographic records mention both Chesar and his wife Khorishah. The house (XI-XIV centuries) was built with a sacred limestone stone and was preserved until the middle of the XX century: Unfortunately, Turks lived in this house for many years. In his book “A Traveller Reprimands” Qajberuni wrote: “…You can’t find a magnificent house like this in the whole region of Daralagyaz.”

And Sedrak Barkhudaryan simply states that the House is considered one of the best works of civil architecture of the XIII-XIV centuries.