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With the initiative of Department of Management and Development of Cultural Resources and Collections of «Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum Reservations», NCSO was held an essay contest for students in grades 5-9 entitled «My Favorite Monument» at Yerevan basic school #59 named after H. Paronyan. The aim of the project is to get acquainted with attitude and knowledge of the students about historical and cultural monuments.

From 13 participants the winners were three 7th grade students. They referred to the statue of «Arno Babajanyan and monument «David of Sasun» /state index 1.5.16/.

The best essay of the contest was the work by Arno Avagyan dedicated to the statue of «Arno Babajanyan». The author of the essay Arno was born in 2003. In 2003 was the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Arno Babajanyan and the parents named the boy after composer Arno Babajanyan. «I have been always attracted to music and sculpture of Arno Babajanyan. My mother is a pianist and I have always surrounded by music of the composer. The sculpture of Arno Babajanyan has always attracted me to its extraordinary character: the sculptor depicted Arno in working process», said the boy.

The winner of the second place Raffi Vardanyan touched upon the monument «David of Sasun”. «Every time I look at the monument «David of Sasun» I am filled with pride. He personifies the invincible will of the Armenian people, its power and the cup under the feet is a symbol of the last straw of the people. The monument «David of Sasun” by Yervand Kochar was installed in 1959 and I read that the statue was criticized because it was deployed to the Turkish side and it could become a reason for ethnic conflict», said the 7th grade student.

Valeria Muradyan, who took the third place, also touched upon the monument «David of Sasun». «When you stand in front of the monument, the entire epic, episode by episode, passes in front of your eyes. David with the sword in his hand, on his Kurkik-Jalali is ready for battle with Msra-Meliq. I believe that the time cannot change these feelings», wrote the 7th grade student.

The winners of the essay contest «My favorite monument» were awarded with diplomas and certificates. The winner Arno Avagyan was awarded with diploma from «Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum Reservations», NCSO and a book «The province Chaguk-Shagapunk» of multivolume «Lithographic Heritage of Nakhijevan» by Agram Ayvazyan. The winners of the second and third places Raffi Vardanyan and Valeria Muradyan received certificates and a book by Karen Matevosyan «Momik».