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Within the framework ” Days of Moscow” events, the delegation members of Moscow government are in Yerevan. The delegation members of Moscow government within the framework cultural events also expressed their wish to visit the “Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum Reservations” NCSO. The delegation included the Head of Legal Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow Alexandra Zueva, Supervisor of Inspection for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Sergei Dobryanin, Deputy Head of the Department State registration of objects of cultural heritage Mikhail Ivanov, regenerative highly qualified architect Larissa Lazareva, counselor of the documents reconsideration of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Department Olga Drenicheva, the adviser of administration of the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow Elizaveta Ustinova. They were hosted by the Director “Protection Service” NCSO Vladimir Poghosyan, Head of the Agency for the Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, Deputy Head on the Economic Affairs and the Systematization of the Activities of branches Seyran Arakelyan, the vice dire¬¬ctor of the stock Lianna Gevorgyan.Director of “Protection Service” NCSO Vladimir Poghosyan welcomed the guests and said that he was happy to host Russian partners in the sphere of the cultural heritage protection. The guests got acquainted with the activities of NCSO, the regional structures reserves and reserve-museum, interested with the monuments under protection of NSCO. They discussed with Russian colleagues about the historical, cultural and architectural significance of monuments, the appropriate steps to be taken in case of violations. During the conversation Sergey Dobryanin mentioned the importance of cooperation between the Russian Research Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage named after Likhachev and “Protection services” NCSO, underlined importance of cooperation beetwen Armenian and Russian specialists.

In the end the guests accompanied by Lianna Gevorgyan visited the Protection services departments, got acquainted with the rich collection of funds. The visit was ended in the “Zvartnots” Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve, where tour-excursion was organized for them. Guests toured Zvartnots temple area and got acquainted with the museum`s permanent exhibition.
Implementations of events organized in Garni historical-cultural reserve was the formation of national education and esthetic taste of youth.Among such events are humerous open lessons, outdoor exebitionsof students of garni Art School, tree planting.Recently another planting was held in allowed area of museum-reserve.

The staff of museum with the members of youth organization of Garni, planted apricot trees and poplars.

During the planting the history of “Garni historical-cultural museum-reserve’’.