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Restoration work of Askeran fortress in Nagorno Kharabakh Republic , part of Stepanakert-Askeran adjacent way has started.The project is funded by the Government of the Republic of Artsakh and 51 million AMD is allocated.

Construction work is expected to be finished by the end of the year. Leading to “Tigranakert” reserve, Askeran fortress is dating back to the 18th century, had no shortage of tourists, but after the restoration works will increase the attractiveness of the fortress and the tourists will come again.

Askeran fortress till the early twentieth century was one of the most important sections of Artsakh defense system. Some of the southern towers were damaged during the Artsakh war, and then collapsed. In upper part of the tower still bears the traces of the war in the 90s.

According to head of the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Artsakh Arman Grigoryan, currently fenced area of Askeran fortress roadside, the walls are restored, the areas surrounding the road is closed and attached to the wall cracks, loopholes are restored, which platform is fully tiled.

Officials of the program hope that this year will be completed restoration of the south-eastern wall and two towers and fortress of Askeran will become more outstanding.

According to Deputy Minister of Economy of the Republic of Artsakh there will be an iron handrail to the upper edge of the platform, as well as high iron staircases, towers will be built in phases. This will give opportunity to enjoy the view of the monument from the top.

P.S Askeran fortress was built in the Middle Ages. It is also known as Mayraberd. The monument is located in the lower part of the river Karkar, 14 kilometers east from Stepanakert. According to researches the castle was built in the 18th century, during the reign of Khan. The construction started in the early 50s and finished at 1788-1789. Askeran fortress complex consists of two divisions, left wing, right wing and the north, south. Complexes has left more than 140 meters long, more than 8 towers in 8-9m. Right-wing main castle complex stretching over 220 m in length. It consists of towers, interconnecting a pair of fences as other protective structures. Towers height is 5-8 meters. Especially attract attention a pair of walls, designed for seamless movement of military units. Askeran fortress still has not lost it`s old role and importance.