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“Hraparak” daily in its “A new tradition of burying relatives in church territories is formed” article touched upon the theme of a tombstone placed in Gegharkunik rejion’s Dzoragyugh community’s St. Petros church.

Sharing the anxiety of mass media, that organizing funerals in monument territories is not allowed, we inform at the same time that funerals in the territory of state-owned “Shoghagavanq” monument (state index 4.60.22) were done several years ago. Particularly R. Davtyan was buried here in 1954, next to his parents A. Hakobyan and Z. Hakobyan. In the 1980’s their relatives concreted the whole territory of three tombs and placed a tombstone. R. Davtyan’s tombstone was placed in 2013.

We inform that by NCSO’s Directorate’s order, service investigation will be conducted.

What concerns the conclusion of the article, that “there is a complete mess in the monuments preservation field and NCSOs witness and participate in the desecration of monuments”, it’s worth being mentioned that the employees of Lori region were the first to minute about the funeral organized in Sanahin monastery (included in the list of Unesco), and immediately gave sound to NCSO’s Directorate.

Without having intention to claim that the field of monument reservation is lack of disadvantages, we hope that the further analysis of “Hraparak” will be more justified, without abstract formulations and what is more important won’t diminish the work of the field’s devotees.

“Protection Service” NCSO will implement researches in other territories of NCSO, for recording similar facts”.