By Ra’s minister of culture Armen Amiryan’s initiative, the actors of pantomime theatre performed in “Garni” historical-cultural museum-reserve. After 21 years of pause the first performance – “Play” was perfromed for the visitors of the museum-reserve.

The plot is a beautiful legend, with the participation of a queen, king, peacock and other characters. The dramatic events take place in the edifice.

In Jirayr Dadasyan’s words the atmosphere of Garni temple is the most appropriate place for performing the “Play”. He also mentioned that they have an experience of similar initiatives in monument territories: “Zvartnoc” historical-cultural museum-reserve, Shushi.

“This enterprise is a wonderful way of giving foreigners the opportunity to recognize our culture. I’m sure that similar events will further be organized in the monument territories”-mentioned J. Dadasyan.

The “Play” of pantomime theatre, was performed in different countries and cities, including Beijing, Berlin, and will be performed in different towns of Russia in November, within the framework of Armenian cultural days.