NCSO’s international cooperation enters a new stage

NCSO’s international cooperation enters a new stage

The effective cooperation between “Protection service” NCSO and its’ international colleagues enters a new developing level. Within the framework of the contract signed between NCSO and Warsaw’s institute of archaeology Armenian and Polish archaeologists implement excavations in the territory of Metsamor archaeological site.

By NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan’s decree archaeological works in the territory of museum-reserve started.

The co-leader of Armenian-Polish expedition group, NCSO’s scientist-secretary, professor of historical sciences Ashot Piliposyan highly appreciating the cooperation, proudly speaks about the cooperation. Due to the cooperation with “Protection service” NCSO there are already two Armenian-Polish expedition groups in Armenia.

The responsible of the expedition’s Armenian group is sure that this year as well will be made as many interesting discoveries as in the previous years. The Polish co-leader of the expedition is professor Krzysztof Yakubyak from Warsaw university’s archaeological chair.

“I hope that this year as well we will have interesting materials and will develop the research of Armenia’s early stage history and culture. All the more, the most complicated problems especially connected to the laboratory testing of carbon and other substances, are implemented abroad by the financial support of Poland”, added Ashot Piliposyan.

By the way the excavations were marked by the symposiums held in Yerevan and Warsaw. In June 2016 a symposium was organized in Warsaw, and in the geological museum of Poland was opened an expedition devoted to the historical-cultural heritage of Armenia.

In the words of NCSO’s scientist-secretary, in 2016 “Archaeology in the Mediterranean” was published, in which a scientific article about Metsamor was also involved. Considering efficient the cooperation of years A. Piliposyan appreciates the financial support from the Polish side for the scholar works.

NCSO’s four employees Tigran Zaqyan, Hasmik Simonyan, Menua Gevorgyan and Nerses Mamikonyan had the opportunity to pass qualification lessons in Warsaw university’s archaeological institute and got appropriate certificates.