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There are employees in the sphere of museums reservation that although don’t occupy chief positions but the efficiency of the whole structure’s work depends on their responsibility and conscientiousness.

NCSO’s Syuniq regional service’s employee Gevorg Margaryan is the devotee of museum reservations already 35 years. He knows all the monuments of Syuniq and especially Meghri region.

He started his working career from very early ages, before serving in the soviet army. Entered the university of agriculture and worked in the collective economy of his village. Later started working in Meghri’s forest economy at first as a keeper, later as a forester, and as a director for 10 years. The experience of enriching the professional knowledge of agriculturist with practice gave birth to new interests.

Thanks to that interests and zealous work Gevorg Margaryan’s first book “The cultivation of pomegranate, fig and oriental persimmon” was published. It is a wonderful book for horticulturists.

Now Gevorg Margaryan prepares to publish his next book “The cultivation of ziziphus”, which in his words is very useful for man’s health.

However, his professional knowledge are not limited only by this. The dendrology of Meghri region could not but interest the student of the botanical faculty and today he is also known as a specialist of coniferous trees. During his working years in Meghri he also got to know the monuments of Meghri and as he confesses “fell in love” with them. Taking into account his interest and active character, knowledge about the region, since 1984 he was involved in the museums reservation sphere at first as a controller and later as a keeper.

About 35 years Gevorg Margaryan’s working day starts and ends with a visit to the monument territories. He knows their historical-architectural significance. As each devotee of this field he also has favorite monuments. One of them is Vahravar community’s Red monastery church. “The construction of the church is connected to Arshak Second’s wife Parandzem’s name who was grown up in Vahravar village and it was known in the village that the church was Parandzem’s dowry, this is how he introduces the church.

During the years of studying in Mkhitaryan Congregation Av. Isahakyan met with one of the monk’s of Vahravar’s Akhperjanyan dynasty, who later asked Isahakyan to visit their village and Red monastery church in case of returning to Armenia. About Av. Ishakyan’s visit to Vahravar was further written by Vakhtang Ananyan in “Native mountains” collection.

Margaryan mentioned that he does not imagine his life without monuments, they pull like magnet. There are monuments in our region that can’t be visited unless the snow melts. When I can’t rise because of weather I count the days when spring will come to be able to go to mountains. Wonderful architecture, clean air and landscape can’t be replaced with anything. I’m 64 years old, and as long as I don’t have any health problems will be able to work for many years. My work helps me to stay young, satisfy the hunger of my soul during the work, mentioned Gevorg Margaryan with enthusiasm.