New horizons of cooperation are opened between “Protection service” NCSO and Warsaw university’s institute of archaeology. An agreement was signed in Warsaw which anticipates scientific and practical works in the territory of “Metsamor” site, implementation of chemical and radiocarbon dating of archaeological materials, qualification, organization of joint exhibitions, publications, scientific-educational projects and so on.

The agreement was signed between the director of the institute of archaeology professor Krzysztof Jakubiak, director of Polish center of Mediterranean archaeology Tomasz Waliszewski, and the director of “Protection service” NCSO Ara Tarverdyan. Edgar Ghazaryan, the ambassador to Armenia in Poland was also present at the signing of the agreement.

The director of “Protection service” NCSO highlighted in his speech the importance of the further cooperation with Warsaw university’s institute of archaeology assuring that the trust is mutual. In the words of Ara Tarverdyan the conveyance of new power to the further relations is the natural demand of already formed reliable cooperation.

“We have results of already implemented works. The evidence of which are the scientific articles which can be of significant value for the scientists interested in the field. Events have also been implemented within the framework of the cooperation among which the exhibitions concerning the archaeology of Armenia opened in Poland’s Mragowo city, as well as “Polish archaeology in the world” and “Polish on the Silk road” are worth  mentioning”, added NCSO’s director.

Within the framework of the project NCSO’s deputy director Karen Pahlevanyan led negotiations for creating an international cultural center. He is sure that due to pretentious projects the work of the divisions of ethnography, archaeology and museology will be organized more efficiently.

“Through Polands’s rich scientific-educational platform we can present the culture of Armenia and Poland’s Armenian community”, added K. Pahlevanyan.

The cooperation formed in 2012 has firm basis. For years Armenian-Polish expedition group has implemented excavations in the territory of “Metsamor” site. On the next day of the visit to Warsaw the conference entitled “The Polish in Near East” began dedicated to the excavations implemented by Polish archaeologists in different parts of the world. The works of the Armenian-Polish expedition group were presented thoroughly.

The co chairman of the expedition group Ashot Piliposyan’s speech was dedicated to the excavations implemented in the territory of “Metsamor” site and especially golden leaks found from the 19th century’s mausoleum.

“Leaks like this were widely spread in the basin of Mediterranean, Minor Asia, Iranian tableland and the discovery of this example in Armenia is the evidence of ritual and mythical generalities which existed in the Ancient Middle East during that epoch”, mentioned NCSO’s scientist-secretary.

NCSO’s anthropologist Hasmik Simonyan and the director of “Metsamor” historical-cultural museum-reserve Artavazd Zaqyan also delivered speeches. H. Simonyan detailed about the research of anthropological materials found from Metsamor site, mentioning about 6 anthropological materials found during the excavations of Armenian-Polish expedition group.

The members of Armenian-Polish expedition group also delivered speeches.

Polish archaeologists will come to Yerevan after a few months, the excavations will restart in September.