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“Protection service” NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan met with Ararat’s governor Garik Sargsyan. NCSO’s deputy director Karen Pahlevanyan, head of Ararat regional service Roman Karapetyan, deputy head Anahit Dallakyan and the assistant to Ararat’s governor Gevorg Manukyan, assistant to the deputy Ashot Vardanyan were present at the meeting.

The aim of the meeting is the discussion of Ararat’s provincial administration-NCSO cooperation. Speaking about the responsible work of monuments protection and the possible problems of the sphere, Ara Tarverdyan highlighted the importance of the monument guard in the protection of cultural heritage.

“As a young governor led by new approaches, I suggest that you should get enlisted in the protection of historical-cultural heritage. I’m sure that it will be possible to not only solve many problems in the sphere of protection with joint efforts but also contribute to the development of tourism in the region”, said Ara Tarverdyan.

Ararat’s governor Garik Sargsyan mentioned that the there are many things to be done in the sphere of tourism, for which region’s historical-cultural heritage can be a great stimulation.

“Tourists visiting our region are shown only Khor Virap monastery and that’s all. While we would like our cultural heritage and monuments to be presented in a way that the tourist stays in the region longer for seeing them all, leaving with rich impressions, as I’m sure that there’s much to be seen in our region”, said G. Sargsyan.

Karen Pahlevanyan informed the governor that among the most important directions of NCSO’s activity is the popularization of monuments: “We expect that by your straight interposition the head of community will pay special attention to the historical-cultural heritage of the region and will be more caring. This will contribute to the proper protection of monuments, which I think is the responsibility of each of us regardless of his position and working responsibility”.

NCSO’s director and deputy director brought the attention of the governor on the problem of land allocation including cultural layer.

They offered the governor to exhort the heads of the communities to be more attentive during land allocations and include an employee of Ararat regional service in the permanent committee systematizing landtenure regulations.

The also discussed the ways of making Artashat’s public bathroom available to public, touched upon creating Dvin’s museum-reserve.

In his turn Ara Tarverdyan made a partnership support in the creation of fliers and scientific works and their publication about the region’s monuments.

Governor Garik Sargsyan assured that everything will be done to put NCSO-Ararat provincial administration cooperation on firm basis. Meetings like this are planned in other regions as well.