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The director of “Protection service” NCSO Ara Tarverdyan had a working meeting with Shirak’s governor Karen Sarukhanyan. NCSO’s deputy director Karen Pahlevanyan, the head of NCSO’s Shirak regional service Valerik Nazaretyan, advisor of Shirak’s governor Vanik Serobyan were present at the meeting.

The role of Local self government bodies also play an important role in the protection and popularization of monuments. In case of right cooperation with them will it be possible to avoid a number of problems.

NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan presented the organization’s activity to Shirak’s governor and the work of the monument guards in the protection of historical-cultural heritage.

“The activity of our organization includes a wide aspect in the protection, popularization, utilization of monuments. Unfortunately monument guards are not known in public. I would like to ask you to control the works of the heads of communities and the employees of regional services”, mentioned Ara Tarverdyan in his speech.

Shirak’s governor in his turn assured that the authorities of the region are ready for cooperation.

“Our wishes coincide, we highly appreciate the preservation of historical-cultural heritage, this should be our general activity. I’m sure that it will be possible to solve a number of problems in this sphere with joint efforts and contribute to the development of tourism in the region”, mentioned Shirak’s governor Karen Sarukhanyan.

The governor added that he witnessed the case of offense in Marmashen community. K. Sarukhanyan assured that everything will be done to exclude cases like that in the region. In the words of Ara Tarverdyan in the exclusion of offences the role of the heads of our communities is great, the organization of joint explanatory works with our compatriots is necessary.

It was also discussed the construction of a monument in the monument territory by benefactors, which is not permitted in the preservation zone. It was mentioned that “Protection service” NCSO also implements scientific-educational, cognitive measures, publishes fliers about monuments.

Governor Sarukhanyan expressed willingness to organize a meeting with the 42 communities of the region, with heads of schools, so that the responsible employee of NCSO Khoren Grigoryan /who will systematize the works for the popularization of monuments/ can present the basic directions of cooperation which are about to be implemented.

NCSO’s director brought the attention of the governor on the land allocation problem containing a cultural layer, the inadmissibility of funerals in the monument territories.

Shirak region is rich with cultural heritage but foreign tourists don’t know about most of them. For presenting the monuments properly and contributing to the development of tourism in the region Ara Tarverdyan suggested discussing joint programs to activate the visits of tourists.

The directorate of NCSO also had a working meeting with the responsible staff of Shirak regional service. Ara Tarverdyan said that the work of the regional service is noticeable and he appreciates it. He exhorted to cooperate with population and schools more actively.

NCSO’s directorate also listened to the questions of the regional service employees, appropriate recommendations were given to them.

Working visits are planned in other regions as well.