Another event was held in “Zvartnots” historical-cultural museum-reserve. Exhibition dedicated to the contribution of Armenian figures in Francophone culture.

In the joint exhibition organized by “Protection service” NCSO and Yeghishe Charents literature and art museum the photos of famous intellectuals, manuscripts, book illustrations, press publications, copies of prospectus were presented.

Particularly from the book illustrations of French authors by Jansem, the works of Edgar Shahin’s graphic art, the illustration of Egyptian-Armenian famous cartoonist Alexander Sarukhan’s “Panjuni”,original copies of Arshak Chopanyan’s “Anahit” review published in Paris, prospectus of public conferences organized in Paris, “Ani” union of Armenian art workers, “Armenian independent art workers union” exhibitions, photos of famous Armenian musicians from Paris, photos of writers and intellectuals, other valuable documents were presented.

The exhibition titled “Armenian intellectuals in Francophone culture” presents the works of famous Armenian artists in Francophone countries, mentioned NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan in his opening speech. In his words Francophonie events started a few days ago from the republic square with a march- flash mob, during which the monuments of Francophone countries were presented.

Etchmiadzin’s mayor Diana Gasparyan who was present at the event mentioned that it’s gratifying that the event is held in “Zvartnots” historical-cultural museum-reserve situated in Etchmiadzin administrative territory. In her words a number of events dedicated to Francophonie will take place in Etchmiadzin.

Apart from the exhibition another interesting and touching event was planned in front of “Zvartnots” temple. In the group formed 5 years ago by the Small theater are included youth with and without disabilities.

French “Don’t leave me” performance is based on different interpretations of the famous song. The small dance performances about love, memories, melancholy are accompanied by sincere interviews with dancers, during which the participants answer to simple, but in the reality most difficult questions: what is the meaning of life? What are you afraid of? What is the dearest? The answers are sincere, naïve, full of expectation and sorrow.

The head of the dance group Vahan Badalyan mentioned that the performance in the territory of “Zvartnots” temple was really impressive. The group had the opportunity of performing in “Garni” historical-cultural museum-reserve as well.

Speaking about the performance, the head of the dance group also added that they try to break the stereotypes. The corner stone of the performance are interpersonal relations: love and warmth, feelings and emotions in different conditions, disappointments, admiration and excitement. The dance performance is about global love.

It was awarded with Artavazd prize. BBC TV channel also broadcast about them.