On September 29, the festival titled “Heritage of Bagratuni” was organized at “Lori Fortress, large city” historical-cultural museum-reservation. Among guests were Arayik Harutyunyan, Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Suren Papikyan, Minister of Territorial Development and Infrastructure, Lilit Makunts, Head of “My Step” faction, MPs, local and foreign visitors.

The main purpose of the event was to properly represent the monument and the heritage of Bagratuni. The initiative was of the “Protection Service,” SNCO, and the idea was provided by Khoren Grigoryan, Deputy Director of the organization.

The event was fully staged with the presentation of interesting episodes and fragments from a particular period. Visitors were provided with an opportunity to travel back in time to medieval Armenia, get into contact with Armenian kings, get familiar with the royal culture, traditions, and everyday life.

Not far from the fencing of the fortress, the guests were greeted by king Kyurike of Bagratunis’, who accompanied the visitors into the territory of the fortress. A royal guard protecting the walls of the medieval fortress of Lori opened the gates in front of guests, where the Armenian kings of different eras were waiting for them.

Both traditions and lifestyle of medieval Lori fortress were presented to the attendees in a form of theatrical historical episodes. The Bagratuni king introduced the visitors to the history of the city by carrying out a small excursion through the territory of the monument.

Hakob Simonyan, advisor to the Director of the “Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum-Reservations,” SNCO, provided the attendees with detailed information about archeological items found and excavations carried out in the territory of the fortress. A movie screening about the large city also took place. Then attendees walked around the pavilions adjacent to the fortress where medieval Armenian craftsmanship, agriculture, miniature painting, jewelry making, woodcraft, carpet craft, one of the most prominent branches of applied art named pottery, copper industry, jewelry, and weaponry were presented. Individual masters and organizations participating in the event have tried to bring their work as close as possible to the Middle Ages. A separate pavilion also featured medieval Armenian cuisine.

A brochure of the town of Lori Fortress was published on the occasion of the event and souvenirs in the form of coins from the Bagratuni era were prepared.

Not far from the monument, combats accompanied by folk musical instruments were presented.

The evening was concluded with the performances of “Vordan Karmir” rock band and “Vishap” ensemble.