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The historical and cultural treasure, located only 15 km from Yerevan and dating back to the 7th century, will introduce you to one of the most wonderful pages of our culture.

The first breath of spring is already felt here, the beautiful rays of the sun have spread their light and warmth over the temple.

The first information about the construction of Zvartnots Cathedral built by Catholicos Nerses Tayetsi in 643-652, is reported by the historian Sebeos. According to him, the church was built for the sake of “a multitude of heavenly soldiers, cheerful spirits, or “zvartuns”, alert, wakeful angels”, who appeared in St Gregory’s dream. The 13th century historians Kirakos Gandzaketsi, Vardan Bardzraberdtsi and Mkhitar Ayrivanetsi informed that St Grigor (Zvartnots) was destroyed by the Arabs.

Be sure to visit “Zvartnots” Historical-Cultural Museum-Reservation. Our guides will be happy to tell you about the temple, secular structures (Catholicos Palace, rooms to different uses, baths, wells), the one-nave church preserved in the south-eastern part of the temple complex, dating back to the 5th century, and also the archeological artefacts kept in the museum.