Surveying in Gegharkunik province

Surveying in Gegharkunik province

2022-08-15T21:26:35+00:00 15/08/2022|Recent News|

During a working visit by the employees of the Monuments Preservation Department of the “Service for the protection of historical environment and cultural museum-reservations” SNCO and Gegharkunik Regional Service for Historical Environment Protection, it was found that some khachkars were upright in Geghamasar and Kakhakn communities of Gegharkunik province.

Work was carried out on surveying, measuring and determining the degree of inclination of khachkars, then possible methods and options for upright and fixing khachkars were discussed.

▫️During the visit, the employees of the protection service also surveyed the khachkar fallen from the pedestal situated in the fortress “Stone door” of Karchaghbyur.

After the final discussion, the works to upright the khachkars will be carried out.