“Memling” carpet, 19th century

“Memling” carpet, 19th century

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The carpet is kept in the fund of the “Protection service” SNCO.

The name is associated with the 15th-century German painter Hans Memling, decorated carpets with such a composition are depicted in his paintings.

The place of discovery, Harich village, and was obtained by the “Harich” historical-archeological museum reserve.

The place of origin: Shirak province, at the end of the 19th century.

Dimensions: 286×120.

Made of wool, natural dye, knitted with double knots.


Description: The carpet is rectangular, divided into two parts; has one wide and two narrow borders. Seven large octagons are depicted in the center with blue primary color, and ornaments typical of “Memling” carpets are summarized here. It has three borders. The wide border with white primary color is decorated with a “wine glass” ornament. The narrow borders with red ones have triangular and diagonal patterns.