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With the initiative of Department of Organization of Scientific-Methodological Work and Exhibition of «Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum Reservations» NCSO, a photo exhibition was held at the school 127 named after Levon Arisyan. The exhibition was entitled «Memory Witness». The presented photos were preserved at NCSO founds. The employees of NCSO organized this exhibition in collaboration with the school.

11th grade students selected what photos would be presented, collected information about the monuments and personally posted the photos. School history teacher Anahit Sargsyan welcomed this educational-training initiative and assured her students that this practice would be useful for them.

“This initiative was a wonderful opportunity to get more information about the monuments in Western Armenia. It was also useful to collect information independently. This was the first such initiative, but hopefully not the last», said 11th grade student Eva Sarukhanova.

Diana Ghevondyan said that in preparation for the open class they had also got other historical information. «When I was looking for information about Khtskonk Monastery I read about the Berlin Congress which took place in 1878, after which this church came under the domination of the Armenian Church. This program helped us not only to get acquainted with the monuments in Western Armenia, but also directly connected with our future profession and would deepen our knowledge about cultural heritage of Armenia».

The students added in addition that they not only received information about the monuments but this was also bold initiative and made them to do this task with more responsibility.