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Foreign volunteers in Armenia within the framework of UNESCO’s “Patrimonito 2017” project were in Vayots Dzor region by the invitation of “Protection service” NCSO’s directorate. The guests were attracted by our rich historical-cultural heritage. An excursion was held for them in the territory of Noravank monastery and Momik museum. The students were introduced Momik’s working activity and left heritage.

Students from Korea, Hong Kong, Spain, France, Poland and other countries arrived in Armenia through “Armenian student detachments” organization dealt with their impressions in the notebook of the museum in the end of the excursion.

“I could never imagine that each stone would have its’ own explanation, architectural structures were impressive and this wonderful place was really worth seeing”, noted the youngest of the group, 18-year old Poi Yi Tsanne.

French Simon Gottee wrote nothing in the notebook, although was very impressed. Before coming here he had bought a book about Armenia and read it thoroughly. Simon was the most curious of the group, he had separated the most interesting sightseeings for him, where he had managed to be: Sevan, National art gallery, Garni, National museum of history. French volunteer intends to come to our country in some other season as well, wishes to be in Amberd and Aghdzniq. Alba Soneyra also plans to visit Armenia in winter.

“I want to see Ararat covered with snow and admire with that beauty. The rocks of Noravanq were so big, that I felt small beside them”, he mentioned, adding that there is a harmonic similarity between Armenian and Spanish cultures.

Latvian Agnesa Timbarea tried to attract with his knowledge of Armenian language.

“Hi, how are you, I’m studying Armenian, liked Armenia very much”, the volunteer speaking Armenian with a Latvian accent found it difficult to correctly articulate the sounds. She will leave Armenia in February, in her words, with already a better knowledge of Armenian.

Foreign volunteers were also attracted by the Armenian hospitality and warmth of people. They will leave Armenia on July 27.

Before leaving, the head of the organization Stepan Stepanyan and NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan were hosted in “Zvartnoc” historical-cultural museum-reserve.

  1. Stepanyan highly appreciated the work of the volunteers, considering awesome the fact that the students also managed to get closer to each other during that short period.

“In your volunteering works, each of us remembered his youth. We are ready to host you next year as well”, mentioned “Protection service” NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan.

In the end S. Stepanyan and A. Tarverdyan handed them diplomas.