Within the framework of educational museum grants of Germany’s Folk schools unity’s Armenian branch (D-V-D international), Museum education center and association of museum employees and friends, NCSO’s department of marketing carried out educational “Museum memories” educational project.  In order to implement  the cultural education of adults, the residents of Yerevan’s N 1 boarding house were taken to “Metsamor” and “Zvartnoc” historical-cultural museum-reserves. Most of them were in the monument territories for the first time.

In “Metsamor” historical-cultural museum-reserve they had the opportunity to not only get acquainted with the exhibition, but also hold some of the items in their hands. The director of museum-reserve Artavazd Zaqyan told them about the excavations in Metsamor, presenting Emma Khanzadyn’s great contribution in the field of archaeology. He also detailed about the so called observatory. He told about the traditions, beliefs of the people living in that region. The residents of the boarding house mentioned that they were very impressed by the interesting excursion.

By the organizer of the events Irina Martirsoyan’s words this kind of initiatives make the day of the elder more interesting. “The residents of our boarding house don’t often get the opportunity of visiting museums, last year we organized a visit to Matenadaran. Most of them has been in “Metsamor” for the first time. Among them are musicians, teachers, people who find it interesting to visit museums.

The visit was ended in “Zvartnoc” historical-cultural museum-reserve, where Larisa Harutyunyan the director of the department of funds and scientific-research works introduced them the history of the 7th century cathedral’s construction and destruction, also mentioning its architectural features. Adults had the opportunity to get acquainted with the collection of the museum-reserve. They gave their questions to Larisa Harutyunyan, even presenting the epic stories they had learnt.

The 76-year-old resident of the boarding house used to teach at school,  in different universities, but it was the first time he was in “Zvartnoc” and “Metsamor” museums. “I’m very impressed with this interesting event, this was a wonderful opportunity for not only making our day meaningful but also enriching our knowledge about our culture”.

“I visited “Zvartnoc” once a few years ago, but at that time they didn’t have excursions. I won’t forget this visit not only because I saw much during a few hours, but also for the interesting introduction”, shared his impressions 80-year-old Volodya Mayilyan, who continued speaking about the architecture of “Zvartnoc”.

The boarding house residents shared their impressions with “Protecton service” NCSO’s director Ara Tarverdyan. They thanked for the opportunity of visiting museums wishing to visit Tatev monastic complex in the future.