Department of Marketing and Development of the “Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum-Reservations,” SNCO, starting from September and ending in November of this year, will organize an educational-cultural program named “Making the invisible visible” (based on the request of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of RA).

The participants’ list of the initiative will include students with vision disabilities of school N14 after Nikoghayos Tigranyan, and students of Mhitar Sebastatsi educational complex. For children with vision problems world recognition occurs mainly through touch and rubbing with hands and through auditory senses. Taking these nuances into account and following the pedagogy of the school, the “Preservation Service,” SNCO has included subjects such as pottery and theatrical art into the schedule of courses.

Within the framework of the proposed program, students from both schools are expected to visit and have an excursion to “Zvartnots” historical-cultural museum-reservation. Children will get to know the history of the temple and study various archaeological objects.

It is planned that the students will present the story of the Zvartnots Temple at the end of the program through a theatrical play by transforming into famous architects and archeologists such as Mesrop ter-Movsisyan, Khachik Vardapet (Archimandrite) Dadyan, Toros Toramanyan and others who made a huge impact on the process of research and restoration of Zvartnots.

During the program children will also visit “Garni” historical-cultural museum-reservation.