The artefacts of Metsamor

The artefacts of Metsamor

The collection of gold artefacts of the museum-reserve occupied a special place in the exhibition of Metsamor. It has always attracted the attention of the visitors with its unique beauty.

The new exhibition of the special storage of “The Gold of Metsamor” will be opened in parallel with the conference, which will be held in “Metsamor” Historical-Archeological Museum-Reserve on December 15.

First, we offer to get acquainted with some of the artefacts which have been displayed in the exhibition. The fact that Metsamor  was involved in the Egyptian-Kassitian weight system is also confirmed by the sardonyx frog-shaped pendant discovered from the burial mound. The frog’s statue-scale served as weight because its weight (8.64g) really corresponded to the Babylonian 1 shekel weight.

The political and cultural connections between Metsamor and Egypt-Mitanni-Kassitian Babylon’s triple alliance during 16-14th cent. BC is evidenced by Egyptian scarabs-stamps dating back to the periods of Thutmose III and Ramses II, as well as the Mitannian cylinder seal of Kurigalzu I.

In the Metsamor Late Bronze Age materials, a complete and fragmentary set of household and ritual pottery speciments from different parts of the settlement were found. These are represented by cups, jars, bowls, plates, ornamental and none-ornamented mugs, kernosis, pedestals, vessel with faucet, etc. Some of them were used to celebrate new year in sanctuary areas, as well as during celebrations dedicated to the birth of nature, sun, moon, wind and water gods, rituals, birthdays,deaths.