June 1, the International Day of Protection of Children, was magical and festive in “Garni” Historical-Cultural Museum-Reservation. Heroes of the day were dancing and celebrating the event under the motives of beautiful and entrancing songs for children.

Although the event was scheduled on the second half of the day, starting from early morning, the Museum-Reservation was already full of playful and lively visitors. Most of them, with their little eyes, were viewing the pagan temple with curiosity and surprise, as if they were able to recognize the fact that they are not ordinary visitors but rather homeowners in the territory of the temple.

The concert that lasted for more than two hours transformed the visitors into the magical and colorful world of childhood dreams.

“Araso,” “Artme,” and “Armelad” dance groups of “Sofi Devoyan” Cultural Center, as well as students of “Zaruhi Babayan” Song Studio delighted the attendees with their professional performances.

The honor of opening the event was given to the students of fencing specialized sports school of “Hayastan” non-governmental sports organization.

Children’s Day at “Garni” also gave an opportunity to have a beautiful wedding photo shoot. The newlyweds, after taking photos with the temple on the background, also went under the arch created by the fencers.

Singing, dancing, and playing a variety of games with different cartoon characters: the closure of the event was given by cartoon heroes, with genuine hope of having a reunion in the magical world of fairy tales.

The best and the most awaited surprise was reserved for the very end of the event, provided by the Directorate of the Service for the Protection of Historical Environment and Cultural Museum-Reservations, State non-commercial organization (SNCO). Children left “Garni” with lots of gifts in forms of sweets.