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Samsonavank dates back to the XII-XIII centuries. According to legend it was built by mason Samson. The complex consists of two churches, a chapel, a cemetery, residential and household adjacent buildings which are in ruins.

The Main or Big church is an almost standing church. Remains of religious frescos have been preserved on it. It is built of ashlar gray sandstone and lime mortar, the walls are plastered from the inside and it has a dome. The entrance is from the west, there is a low altar in the eastern side.

The Small church is situated to the south of the main church. There are inscriptions on the western wall the date of which is not mentioned. It is a vaulted, one nave hall with a semi-circular apse in the eastern side. Only the eastern part and the lower rows of the walls of this structure have been preserved. The church had a vaulted roof decorated with frescos.

The Chapel is half ruined, built of ashlar stones. It is a small, vaulted structure with a gable roof. It is like a single-nave basilica with a semicircular apse on the western side. Both the roof and the northern wall have collapsed. Several inscriptions about donations are engraved on the walls both from inside and outside. The tombstones of the cemetery, the pedestals of the khachkars (cross-stones) and the fragments of the ashlar stones are covered with soil.